New Leadership Delivering Results for Our School Community

Jayne is a native Iowan and UI alumnus, having graduated with a BS in Exercise Science (now Heath & Human Physiology) and the MPAS from the University of Iowa's Physician Assistant Program.  She has worked as a Physician Assistant for 26 years, much of that time in the field of Hematology/Oncololgy, both at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and in private practice.  Six years ago, Jayne moved to a position in Otolaryngology at VA where she continues to work today.  She and her husband live in Coralville with their two sons, who both attend Iowa City West High School.

Most of her career has been spent working with veterans with cancer.  It's this experience that informs her opinions on early life trauma and how it impacts lifelong  health (both mental and physical), interpersonal relationships, life trajectory, socioeconomic status, and ultimately, happiness.  It was following a particularly traumatic bullying incident at her son's school that she saw the need for the district to change the way they approached discipline and harassment issues.  With this goal in mind, she joined the District's Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) and trained to become a Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator.  During her tenure on the committee, she also served on the development team for the Care Assessment Program as well as the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC).  Through her work on these committees, she met several other stakeholders in the District who were working towards the same goal.  Many of the changes for which she and others have been advocating were included in the District's Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health & Rethinking Discipline document which was unveiled in July.

As Chair of the EAC, and after seeing the results of the District's climate survey, she wanted to elevate the student voice.  She invited high schoolers to serve on the EAC and encouraged them to take up leadership roles.  One of them joined her as Co-Chair.  It was this experience working with students that inspired her to lean into this work more and seek a spot on the Board of Directors.