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Lucy Barker

I have known Jayne Finch for four years, as a parent, a restorative circle facilitator, an advocate for equity, and a volunteer. I personally endorse Jayne because of her dedication to advocating for all students and her willingness to speak hard truths to those in power.

Dina Bishara

If you, like me, have a heart for and a commitment to the underdog, the marginalized, and the unheard — please consider voting for Jayne Finch.

I am writing to ask my fellow neighbors and community members to vote for Jayne Finch for ICCSD School Board.

Several years of advocating for marginalized, dismissed, and forgotten students and families in the Iowa City Community School District has taught me that three qualities are absolutely critical if we are interested in meaningful progress: Humility, intellectual curiosity and a desire and ability to respond to injustice with concrete action.

In my work to reduce and eliminate seclusion and restraint in our schools, and to address the disparities in the ways our students with disabilities are disciplined, I collaborated with Jayne in her capacity as Chair of the ICCSD Equity Committee. I found that she is committed to expanding the equity conversation to include our students with disabilities. She is open to learning more and she asks questions and seeks information which demonstrate a sincere commitment to these students. Critically, she understands that measurable goals and a framework for accountability are the sine qua non of real, positive change.

If you, like me, have a heart for and a commitment to the underdog, the marginalized, and the unheard — please consider voting for Jayne Finch.

Dina Bishara, Iowa City

Molly Yates

Jayne Finch will fight for the underserved

I’m writing today to ask all of my fellow community members to vote for Jayne Finch for Iowa City School Board. While I don’t know Finch personally, my personal experiences with the Iowa City Community School District have shown me that there are underserved populations of students that are not having their most vital educational needs met.

As a parent of students with invisible disabilities, I have worked hard to speak up for changes in the way neurodiverse students are served in our schools. For many students, the school environment can be a scary place where they don’t feel safe, which in turn makes it more difficult to learn. Social-emotional learning and early connection to trusted adults can make a huge impact on those kids’ experiences. Finch has publicly committed to advocating for a growth-minded approach that puts an emphasis on nurturing relationships.

Real change will take a commitment to recognize disparities, research solutions, and work together with all sides to come up with workable solutions. I am confident after listening to Finch talk about her campaign that she is committed to fighting for the underserved. She has proven she is up to the task by serving on district committees for the past four years. I am trusting Finch with my vote and I encourage you to as well!

-Molly Yates, North Liberty

Rebekah Tilley

Jayne Finch would bring change to Iowa City school board

After a negative experience with Iowa City Community School District administration that profoundly impacted her son, Jayne Finch opted to volunteer in the ICCSD to positively reform it from within.  For four years, she served on the ICCSD Equity Advisory Committee, including three years as chair, where she successfully advocating for changing the ICCSD disciplinary protocols in ways that will begin to counteract racial disparities in school discipline.

For the past year, I served with Finch on the ICCSD Equity Committee and thus have a good sense of the type of school board member she will be.  She is careful listener, thoughtful actor, and advocates for and amplifies the voices of the underrepresented and voiceless students.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the past and current issues facing the ICCSD.  And she has the temperament to work positively and effectively with the current members of the board and the ICCSD administration.

Finch is exactly the kind of inclusive, collaborative leader needed on the ICCSD School Board.

- Rebekah Tilley, Iowa City

Melissa Jacobsen

I'm voting for Jayne Finch for school board. I have been a colleague and friend of Jayne's for nearly 20 years. I was privileged to work with her in the oncology clinic at the VA, where I saw her guide veterans and families though their cancer journeys with knowledge and compassion. Jayne genuinely cares about people; she is running for ICCSD school board based on her desire to serve every student, family, and teacher in the district. Through her work over the past several years on the ICCSD Equity Advisory Committee, the development team for the Care Assessment Program, and the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) she has been involved in fighting for positive change in the district. She has been inspired by the promise of the students she has worked with on these committees. As a school board member I know she will work to make the ICCSD a place where every student is given the best possible chance to shine.

Annie Tuckert

I’m voting for Jayne Finch for the School Board. I have known Jayne Finch for five years. After there was a traumatic bullying incident at her son's school, she recognized the school district needed to change the way they approached discipline and harassment issues. So, four years ago she took action and joined the District's Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) and got trained to be a Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator.

Through the EAC, Jayne built relationships with parents, teachers and administrators, and worked effectively with district administration to implement new policies. Many of the changes she advocated for were included in the District’s Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health & Rethinking School Discipline document, which was presented in July.

The disparities in our school district are most evident in discipline and academic achievement, as represented in the District’s Annual Progress Report 2019, and in the students’ experience, as represented in the climate survey: the Student Experiences of School Climate 2019.

As Chair of the EAC, and after seeing the results of the District's climate survey, she encouraged students to join the EAC and take leadership roles. One of them joined her as Co-Chair. Jayne says her experience working with students inspired her to run for the School Board.

Jayne is running to advocate for ALL students. She recognizes that a district that succeeds at equity and access is a district that more fully benefits and better educates ALL students.

She is the only non-incumbent candidate who has direct experience working with the administration, teachers and school board tp bring changes that benefit all of our students. She knows the issues, she knows the system. She is committed to speaking hard truths and has been successful working to make change.

I strongly endorse Jayne Finch for School Board!